2 mails from Envato because of May 25th Privacy Law _ Edit... is Okay!

I 've got 2 emails from “Evato Market” with weird links in them to stay subscribed and to keep getting a mail for free files and exclusive offers. This because of May 25th and Privacy Law. Because of phishing I am afraid to click on the links. Anybody knows if the links are save?


Haha… now I see the links on the forum, I see they are save.


Hi @ReinaSmallenbroek :slight_smile:

Yes - both of those links are legitimate. We’ve been sending out a few emails in the last week - one to notify everyone of our updated privacy policy, and a second email (sent only to customers in the EU) asking people to confirm whether they would like to continue receiving our marketing emails.

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If you are curious if someones email is phishing ALWAYS check addres from where is the mail sended.

for example email like contact@envato.com will always be okay

if there is for example contact@info123.envato.com it can be not okay.

always check what is written after @ symbol because this address after @ is the real address sended you an email, they can make email like shdjdfhskdbfksdbfk@envato.com and this email will be legit because came directly from envato.com

This is not true @Novocaina - email can be sent from any address regardless of ownership, hence the creation of things like DKIM which allow email clients to send fake emails to junk.

I can send an email from gates@microsoft.com right now if I wanted to. :slight_smile:

Best solution is to verify any links in the email go to one of the marketplace domains or *.envato.com. And never run executable files in email attachments.


Thank you for the confirmation!

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how you can do this when email is on microsoft domain ? tell us

Easy. One line of code:


mail("you@someemail.com", "Hello", "Would you like to join us at microsoft?", "From: Bill Gates <gates@microsoft.com>");

Anyways, let us avoid taking this too far off topic. Point is, email servers don’t verify the “From” address, so that method of verification isn’t very accurate.

The emails in the original topic are legit, though. :slight_smile:

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