spam from market authors

Not the first time it’s happened but have started receiving spam from authors on the market who:

  • I have never bought from
  • Never spoken / written too
  • Never commented on their items

According to this I shouldn’t be able to be contacted by them but I am, they aren’t sending the spam through my profile page, they are sending as an email, which I guess is going to spam loads of different people.

Now spam doesn’t bother me but when it’s an author on the market who has gone out of their way to find my email (not difficult though) who then spams me with:

“I created x item which I feel is a good thing for you / your business / your clients”, you might be interested in this offer etc

Should I report the authors or should I let it slide, I want authors to be able to market their items to new buyers but mass spamming is not on.

They haven’t even used a newsletter system so I can’t unsubscribe

How would you deal with this?

You may need to contact Envato support about that.

That’s an interesting one! Maybe contact them and ask how they got your email?


Old topic, but still a accurate subject.
Also receiving spam from theme authors :frowning: