Documentation file must be in HTML format?

Can someone point me where it say that the help file (for HTML Template) must be in HTML format?

I see only here:

it say:

This should include concise instructions on installation, customization and use, written in English and formatted as a .pdf or HTML document.

So, the point is on “OR

I am always creating a documentation file in pdf format but my HTML template is twice soft rejected because of documentation file. First time I get this from review:

DOCUMENTATION: Your documentation is either missing or insufficient. Please make sure you provide clear and concise documentation outlining installation, configuration and customization procedures for this item. For compatibility reasons, please provide documentation in either HTML or PDF format.

And I have update my documentation. Again, the point is “HTML or PDF”. And after my changes, now I get soft reject because the documentation must be in HTML format.

If someone can, please provide me a link to the HTML Requirements page where it say that the documentation file must be in HTML format.

My latest WordPress theme was approved 9 days ago with pdf help file. So, is there some changes in requirements in this 9 days?

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Both PDF and HTML are allowed. The review message you’re getting is a canned response, they may simply be trying to tell you that your documentation is lacking and needs to be more detailed.

After all, their message did say that in the first two sentences:

Your documentation is either missing or insufficient. Please make sure you provide clear and concise documentation outlining installation, configuration and customization procedures for this item.


That was the first message (soft reject from review) and after that I have added 3-4 pages and more details and have submitted again.

The last message (the second message) from the same review is just this:

Your documentation should be in HTML, thanks

So, I am asking again, when is that changed? If this is an official update from Envato, and all authors must follow this, I am ok - I will spent time to create this. If not, I want explanation way is this happening.

That’s interesting… No, it’s not written anywhere as a specific requirement. If you’d like, you could open a Help ticket to get an official answer, and if the reviewer is incorrect, they will correct it for you. I’m curious now too! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will.

I never had any “problems” with any review - I have around 20 items there and only 2-3 times I have been rejected twice for the same thing (I am taking about “THE CHANGES ARE NOT ENOUGH”) because English is not my main language, and sometimes and I need time/more explanation to see/get what I should change/fix in my templates. But this time, it is all clear.

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New review process needs HTML documentation and you need to put it somewhere it on your site and write its url to the item description.

And what is the different if I put pdf document on my site and write url to online pdf file?

And yes, for my last WordPress theme (approved 10 days ago) I had to do that, but now, the reviewer is forcing to be in HTML format.

I am totally ok to put the pdf online on my site and don’t see the difference between that and HTML help template.

I can answer to this from a buyer perspective. I am an occasional themeforest buyer too, for some of my web projects. Other times, I just browse theme and templates, just to train my eyes with new designs or new technologies from those new themeforest items.

And so, sometimes I browse themeforest items in the evening, before sleep, in the bed, from my phone, while having a look on their documentation link. I have a 5.6" phone but no matter which pdf reader apps I try, the pdf documentation is not easy to read on a phone. The letters are small, the graphics get distorted, you cannot play videos in the pdf, etc. So I always skip items with pdf documentation.

But instead, a documentation in HTML format is always easier to read on any device, especially if it’s responsive :slight_smile: And it looks more professional.

And also think about the updates! It’s always easier to update your documentation file if it’s in HTML format rather than editing a pdf file…

A pdf file is actually Google drive DOC file which is downloaded as PDF (in my case). So, for me, it is easier to be in PDF, but if there is an official update from Envato that all documentation must be just in HTML, give me the link to that and I am ok to start using just HTML.

But this must be for all authors.

I am talking this because I see there are still a lot of items with name which is not (should be not) acceptable and one of my item was rejected (the name was “Colorius”).

Again, I am just asking for official update - that is all.

Here are the news - my item is approved with .pdf help file.
So, I have opened “Help ticket” and the item is approved.

Thank you.

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