Do you think this one will be accepted on envato ?

Hi, i would like to know waht do you think about this template, if it can be accepted or not ?

Too repetitive.


Sorry, but it will be rejected. Too quick, no time to read text, lacks cohesion.

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too much green, litle bit fast and too big thin texts. Everething else seems good for me :slight_smile: good luck

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Thanks guy for your advice, i will update that

Literally colors don’t match your project. That transition is too much. Your speed is right. But you need to increase your creative mind. Then you can quickly approve your item. Good luck with your future!

Foxi :fox_face:

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Hardly…I wouldn’t accept , but thatch’s me. One would never knows…

ok, thanks

but color is cuztomizable, what color would you see ?

Yes. But the preview video is the most important thing for buyers. So you have to make a unique design for it.

Foxi :fox_face:

why you think is not unique, did you saw somethings similar ?

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HI, you should find what you looking for arround here : Plugins | CodeCanyon

Hi guys, so do you think like this is better ?

As suggested by @Atamotion earlier, this version also has same issue. Its way to fast & repetitive.

I think the main issue is how you are composing your each frame. That arrow matte thingy over entire composition is not the way to go, use it sparingly(max 1 or 2 composition frames) .

for animation I would suggest to follow some tutorial, this is great example on how to flow between shots -

Also check this section for quality is required now, how they compose & animate those frames.-

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