Do You Provide MP3s?

I’ve been including MP3s as well as WAV files for all my music - wondering how many others provide MP3s?

I always include mp3 version :slight_smile:

Yep. Always both formats! :wink:

Yes. Both formats.

Always mp3

Both formats always. MP3s are more useful to buyers due to their lightweight size, whereas WAVs are important for maximum quality. If you’re unsure, always include both.

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Both formats, I heard that some video programs read only uncompressed formats. And… Why not?)

Both formats always.

It’s takes an extra few seconds in most DAW’s to create the mp3. Do it always!

Both formats always unless it is a loop version, which will not work properly as an MP3.

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Yes, always

I always include mp3 with WAV (but in 320kb !) just in case :wink:
Is it really useful ? I don’t know… :eyes:

Have a good day :high_brightness: