Do buyers need mp3s?

Happy new year everbody!

Titile says it all. I don’t upload mp3s anymore, just the wav file. Any authors here who are doing this and had mp3 requests?

Since it literally takes about 1.5 seconds more to include it, I say, why wouldn’t you?


That’s an argument.

I’m just asking out of curiosity. Do buyers make a difference? Is it rather irritating for them to have 2 versions of the same item? Is adding a mp3 a buying criteria?

I’ve seen top items only in wav, others only in mp3.

I would think it is more irritating for the buyers to make the mp3’s themselves. I imagine mp3’s are still used for web and fast loading times, or is that old-fashioned and so 2015? :slightly_smiling:

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To be honest, I think brain energy is better spent on other things… It takes 1 second to delete an mp3 but much longer to make one from a wav if you’re not used to the tools.

Having done video production, I think most media producers prefer the uncompressed wav file because you always get the highest quality in the uncompressed format. Sound quality is generally going to be reduced to some degree when you render the final product, so I prefer to start with a totally uncompressed file. Even though an mp3 at 320 kbps doesn’t sound noticeably different, it is compressed and of lower quality than the wav prior to any further compression during a video render. It’s likely that more media producers have that same opinion than do not.

I suspect the only reason for mp3 offerings on download sites is to decrease download time, which isn’t really going to matter for people in this business. They generally have fast download speeds. Even your hobbyists usually have fast connections now. Plus, once they have the wav, who doesn’t know how to make an mp3 and who doesn’t have the software for that in 2016?

Of course, that’s just an opinion.


Happy new year!

I believe it is important from us authors to include an mp3 because, first of all the mp3 needs about 1,4 db gain reduction depending on kbps rate. 320kbps might need 0,5db reduction etc.
So that’s why is important if for example a game developer chooses to use an mp3 for lower game size and he doesn’t know this detail.


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I have had a buyer asking for an mp3 file specifically.

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if someone is buying an item (like a sound) it doesn’t mean that he/she it will work with the file. If is just creating an ideea and then it sends your file to someone else to finsh the work he/she will need the mp3 to express there ideeas faster

My advice: mp3+wav

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Thanks fro the replies guys! I now think it’s indeed smarter to add a mp3. :slightly_smiling:

I like including the mp3 because I’m able to include metadata: Artist Name, Album Name, Genre, BPM, and a “Album Cover” picture for branding.

I figure…if your music is floating around on the internet, it’s better to have the metadata included :wink: