Do you leave a message to the reviewer?

If so… what do you say?

Almost always. Depends on changes or project type. I always like to mention version of software or additional plugins requirements or anything else that is important for them.

Hmmm. I’m trying to figure out how that would benefit the reviewer? Does saying you use certain software make it more likely to be approved?

I say: Thank you very much for your time. Hope you like it, Merry Christmas etc etc After all why not leave a comment, they put a lot of time reviewing your track.

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All the time. I thank them for listening and reviewing, as well as making updates. It’s a small thing, and maybe they don’t even notice or care, but I try to make their day a little brighter :slight_smile:


Are we talking about a message to the reviewers when updating an item, or if you get a rejection, and then privately message your reviewer?

The update item message should simply describe the changes you’re making in that update. As for the latter… I’d just accept their rejection and strive to make even better products.

Apologies in advance if I misunderstood this thread :wink:

Sorry this message was intended to be about new uploads altogether. at the bottom of each submission it says “message to reviewer”

You’re right, they do put a lot of time into it, so I will start taking a couple extra minutes to send them a little message.

On this note…

Who exactly ARE the reviewers? they are not volunteers are they?

I already submitted a photography portfolio but I got a generic response… so I thought it was automated tbh…

I always thank them for their work!

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I like to thank them, what they do is cool. I also have a killer key lime pie recipe, maybe I’ll include that sometime soon. Never hurts to have on hand.

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I always write them thanks. And once I sent them 30 tags.


I always thank them as well. I think they should know that I appreciate what they do.

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lol a little bit “corporate” lol even if u are right that they have a hard work to do but i guess we are all conscious about this … i tend to believe that it must be a heart breaker sometimes to have to reject some items when we know the kind of effort and the dedicated time that some guys put in what they do, they have real responsibilities as well as a really big workflow to deal with

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I always thank them for listening and give them some information like: If it’s too much compressed just tell it to me. I can fix it in a minute. Some times it worked and they say what exactly i should fix.

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For new items, I try to include and explain any points in advance which may cause my design to be soft rejected as a result of some misunderstanding by the reviewer.

Example- If an image is necessary for the design, but Envato doesn’t allows image inclusion, so I’ll link the source of image to show that the image is properly licensed.

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Usually I put a hundred dollar tip so that my items get accepted.


Ahh damn I missed my chance by 1 minute… :smiley:
Wanted to say something similiar :wink:


Haha. Thanks you guys for all your input here. I will definitely start making more of an effort on this end. I am still under a week into this and I have yet to be accepted. Just figuring out the market here really and what the reviewer expects. This is the most difficult with music for sure. Photography seems to be easy (my portfolio was rejected but I already have my next submission ready with a better understanding of what is expected. )