Do "Reviewers" read author comment when submitting new item?

Hi there,

Usually when submitting work to “PSD Templates” category, when the work take reject, reviewers talk sometimes about approval chances for the work if it submitted to the HTML category.

I have submitted item to PSD category and i asked if there is chance if i submitted its HTML version in case of it got rejection as PSD. The reviewer replied me only for the PSD point, not on my included question!

I resubmitted it again only to ask for the case of HTML version approval chance, but the reviewer replied me as i’m submitting PSD version!! It gives me that some reviewers sometimes don’t read author comment and go directly to the review process.

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Yes, they don’t read because there are less reviewers and may be work is more where they don’t even have time to read.

Are you sure? Do you think this acceptable?

Anymore indications?!

Nope, they don’t

Yes I have experienced this sometimes while getting an item approved, I had to mention that the problem was fixed and the reviewer would still give it a soft-reject for the same reason.

guys in reviewing teams are very busy, they have tons of submissions to deal with they have a subsequent work flow , that’s a fact … now for additional or personal feedbacks, they do not have time, that’s sad but u should better used to it , because whether this is about rejections or special questions,they have too much to do to get “too personal” , which is also one of the reasons u have lots of pre-prepared messages that are being used

They do. When I ask to set the certain price, they do it. :smile:

yes they read some time i put my content two times
reviewer read it in second time : P

No time to read, just check it :joy: . Yes, I noticed same too.

@ivor @kailoon I’m sure they do read, but in fast mode.

I was wondering if the message is displayed correctly (with new lines, formatted), or it,s everything like in a single paragraph.

I have this suspicion because in the History tab of our items, our message is one paragraph, exact behaviour like in item comments (eg you need br’s to have a new line, or continous paragraphs).

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@bigtreat Hehe! :smiley:

Emil did not read it this time, where I explained the issue with the ThemeCheck and now I have to wait another 2 days to get the response.

Ivor Kailoon and Michael read it for sure.