Reviewers DO NOT TALK?


Surely they talk if they reject any item, but do they actually talk as they approve your item? I have asked some questions as i was submitting my project, but didn’t get any answer, opened support ticket as well!

Actually i need support on how to improve my preview video. Any information about the video player would be very helpful to me, since i am new here.

Does the reviewer have the option whether to choose to convert the video or they can choose to let the video player play the video as it is?

Curious! No one talks here about the video player! Couldn’t find any information elsewhere as well!

Has anyone here ever seen that the reviewers talk to you if they approve your item. Why are they so unkind.


So do you want to wait on queue twice more?
Reviewers review projects, nothing more. They don’t answer questions, they don’t explane why they reject projects. Because if they do so, we will wait much longer than now.

For any help / suggestions / support open a support ticket.

Are you GOD that everybody must wait on queue while you getting your answer?

PS: Sorry if I sound too rude.


Unfortunately you will not find any answer about 'why reviewer don’t answer to me" or similar questions.

I had a topic about to be better the support system days ago…

So my advice, be patient…

I don’t agree, sorry. To give an answer don’t take more days. But even take more days, if am i wait to approve 10 days for example, but at the end get a reject result without comment, just a robo-message, i don’t care if i have an answer +2 days more, even item rejected.

Maybe next time to be lucky because i will have a reviewer answer.

Because without answer, i need to guess what is the wrong… So to fix it… Then to upload again… 10 days more right? After 10 days… another reject. So, the result is to delete my item and create another, right?

Reviewers need to understand, authors are patient, because they wait too many days… For what?
So, 10 days from authors side, some minutes from reviewer side… I ask too much?


@DOGmotion GODmotion :smile: So you are a GOD


@DOGmotion if you open a support ticket, here is what you get:

“Please do not open up new tickets as this might delay your item in review and take up help team resources”

this is very friendly way of saying “Shut your mouth, unless you want to wait more then you expect”


You don’t understand how long it will take if reviewers start answering questions. Just look at envato support. Last time I got an answer after 7 days of wait. So take this 7 days and add it to your 10 days of waiting.

And you are free to post your previews here, on the forum, to get feedback.

PS: By the way, Videohive is not a school. If you are constantly getting rejections, maybe you should master your technique first, before trying to get some cash for your work.


@ZFX if you open a ticket will get a message (i don’t know after how days), and maybe you can find a solution… Maybe not, but you will have a message.

But i think the right person you will find 100% an answer is reviewer guy.

Another problem is: Ok, i will understand, reviewers can’t answer because, for this and this reasons… All good.
Why when i get a reject email can’t see the reviewer guy portfolio? Maybe with this way, to send to him later a message. Maybe take an answer. I’m not sure, but i can try.

Too many ideas, but still can’t understand what envato thinking and use that kind of policy with reviewers and support system.

I agree videohive is not a school. But i’m not a schoolboy, i don’t want reviewer to tell me the story of life. A fast answer mate, just an answer, why my item rejected. This item rejected because you use wrong typography. This item is similar with more items in videohive. Don’t accept this items anymore. The background is not too realistic with text. etc etc etc


Hello @ZFX! First of all, congrats on getting your first item approved on VH, high-five! :hand:

I just took a look through the questions you posed to the reviewers so I hope the following helps:

  • As a general rule, reviewers will read messages submitted via the “message from author to reviewer” field but are not obliged to answer. As @DogMotion addressed earlier - answering questions via the proofing queue has the potential to really slow down the reviewing process.
  • You always have the option of writing to us via a Help ticket though. That helps get your question passed along to the right person more quickly and you are more likely to get a response this way.
  • I’m not a VH reviewer or expert so please take this with a pinch of salt (I’m going to copy in @MarkBrodhuber, he’s definitely an expert in this field!) but I don’t think VH reviewers alter or compress your preview video. That’s entirely maintained by you. Maybe our system does it automatically though, I don’t know. Take a look at How to Create a VideoHive Preview Video if you’ve not seen it before, but again, if Mark’s around maybe he can swing by and give you an official response.
  • I see that you also asked a reviewer regarding pricing of an item. This is not permitted. Please see Setting Prices Responsibly for more details why. What you ARE permitted to do however, is, if you feel your item is incorrectly priced, submit a Help ticket for someone to investigate it for you. Sometimes errors can occur and someone would be glad to investigate for you. :smile:

Hope this helps provide a bit more background info for you. Looking forward to seeing your next VH item! :thumbsup:


Thanks @scottwills, there is not much information about how to maintain the video quality in the link you’ve provided (i’ve actually gone through it).

I am not sure how the video was compressed but it was, because i’ve uploaded 31.2MB video but it is 18.07MB on the server right now, it is almost the half size and half the quality which is very disappointing, even tough there is no official file size restriction! (I’ve rendered my preview at lowest possible bit rate which is only 4.00 Mbps, but it was converted again!!!). It says approved on the item history after i uploaded my original render once again but nothing has changed.

And i actually opened up a support ticket about 3 days ago regarding the item price, didn’t get any answer until now!

So here is the only place i can talk.


Nothing wrong with that, perfect use of the forums! :smile:

I took a quick look through our old forums and found this thread btw. Perhaps this will help a little more.


Thank you for your reply btw.


@ZFX Our previews are automatically compressed by the system. Something like youtube or vimeo does, when you upload video there.
You can render at 4 Mbps, 10 or 15. It actually doesn’t matter, the system compress your file.
For more information, it’s better to ask support. But get ready to wait an answer more than 7 days.

Also you can put original video preview with your quality on dropbox, for example, and give a link to it on the description. Many people put their previews on vimeo or youtube btw.


I think they have no time


Unfortunately reviewers take a vow of silence when they enter the holy order of the review team. :slight_smile: