Do Adobe After Effects templates include music or background images?

Is the music and/or background images included in the Adobe After Effects Templates?

in most AE templates, they are not included. The author is required to state this in the description, to make it clear what is included.

If the sound has an Audiojungle watermark, it is almost certainly not included.

I am guessing that if I sign up for a monthly subscription, I can get the audio track as well. Is that correct?How do you tell which audio track is being used?

Hello @mattdetroit1

Please note that there is no subscription available for Video Hive, Audio Jungle, Theme Forest, Code Canyon etc. Only for Envato Elements.

Authors mention in the description the track they’ve used. And yes, if you subscribe to Envato Elements you can also get the track (if it is available on Envato Elements).

It depends. With a monthly subscription, you can access all of the content here:

But keep in mind that not all Audiojungle music is on Elements. So you will have to check this for every song you want to get, whether it’s on Elements, or only on Audiojungle.

Super thorough answer.

How do I identify
what audio is being used?

Will I find that out after I
download the ani?

Most authors will have the song listed in the project’s description, usually somewhere at the very bottom. It can be an Audiojungle “ID number” which you can copy/paste to the Audiojungle search bar, or it can be a full author name with a song title or simply a link to the song.

If the song isn’t listed anywhere, you can try leaving a comment under that project and asking for a song name or Audiojungle link.

And lastly, as a last resort option, you can go to the authors profile and you can email them this question via the email form (found on the very right side of their profile) :smiley:

If you are browsing through envato elements, most authors forget to add credit for the music in the description of the item. They do however most of the times include the link to the audio in their items documentation that you get after downloading it.

On, it is like atamotion said.

Appreciate that. Here is the link.
Do you see it?

Nope, can’t see any link :smiley:

So… How do I figure that out?
Sorry for the multiple emails. I’m working on a proposal
and need to know my pricing for a quote before I jump the gun.



Well, first you didn’t send any link to any project file (for which you want to find the used song), maybe you forgot to add/link it? :smiley:

Once you have that, as I said you can either search for the song in the description or you can message the author and ask about it.

Oh. I’m sorry. I thought I had included it within my chain of letters.
Here is the link with the song in question:

Thank you,

Matt Johnson

No worries!

I tracked down the project on videohive, and the author linked these songs under it:

Also here’s a quick tutorial on how to find Elements projects songs on Videohive / or how to at least reach the author profile so you could message him and ask for a song. (Just in case other users wonder how to do this or if you will want to do this yourself for other projects :slight_smile: )

  1. On Elements project page, scroll down till you reach “More projects from author name”. Then copy the author’s name.
  2. Go to videohive and paste the author name into the search.
  3. Open the author’s profile by clicking on his name
  4. Go to his portfolio section and track down the project you want to find music for. (usually, the project will have a similar thumbnail/style to the one you saw on Elements, so look for similarly-looking graphics). Once you found the project, open its page.
  5. Scroll down till you find something mentioning used music and continue from there in Audiojungle.
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Great! Thanks Atamotion for this
thorough answer.



I am using Adobe Illustrator to make infographics for my website

I am not using any page builder on my website, still when I upload an infographic its load time increases like hell can anybody and secondly, the infographic becomes pixelate tell me the proper size and formate of the infographic for my website.

the thing I am using in my website

  1. Generate press premium theme
  2. lazyload plugin.
  3. wp rocket.
  4. wp smush
  5. and some security plugins
  6. shortcode ultimate.

With file open in Illustrator, try going File>Export>Export as… and then in the "save as type: field,
navigate to .png. This will change your image to a .png file which will be suitable for web design.
Hit the export button and then you’ll be able to choose the settings. Try Medium (150ppi) and make sure the background color is set to transparent. Hit ok. See if that works.

Thank you @simulator0