How to find this music?

Hi everyone. Typically, when we download a template, we get a link to download music from audiojungle. However, this template didn’t come with music or a link that we can purchase. Can anyone tell me how to find this music on audiojungle?

Thank you!


Here is your item link this item author is @RedOctopus


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Yet another Elite author abusing an Audiojungle author. This has got to be addressed for Christ’s sake!

@Fixik crediting the music is mandatory even on Elements.

Thanks @unlockdesign, that’s right, it’s mine track :slight_smile:

@Fixik put a link in the description of the VideoHive item some time ago, maybe he simply missed it during the Elements transfer. I will contact him to make sure his clients find used music track.

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Thank you!!

@RedOctopus LOVE the track!! Awesome work.

Thank you sir!!

ready, I corrected the description. sorry for the inconvenience

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No prob, I suppose it was a simply oversight :slight_smile: Thanks!