Discussions I started

How do I find out the discussions I started. I was looking for a specific plugin and I cannot remember the name. When I found the type of plugin I was looking for. I sent the author a question that was never replied to. However, I forgot the name of the plugin and I don’t remember the search terms I used. If I could find my discussion logs, then I would be able to find out the plugin I was looking for. Any ideas?


An easy method would be to search this on google:

codecanyon discussion “trobaz”

or for themeforest:

themeforest discussion “trobaz”

(exactly like that, surrounded by quotes)

Unfortunately, there is no straight method on Envato Market to find such history. Although, a good method to keep tracking of items you’re interested to - is to use the button “Add to Favorites” (or the heart icon available in search results near the item name)

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Thanks for your response. Your suggestions for themeforest & codecanyon worked except what I was looking for was not there as I thought. I usually add to favorites or just write down. Unfortunately I didnt this time. Gonna have to try and seach one more area a bit harder, my brain. Lol