Price tracker for Codecanyon and Themeforest [anouncement]

I have made service that allow to track prices on Codecanyon and Themeforest.

I’m using the Envato API.

If somebody have idea how to improve this service - welcome to discuss.

The service:

Very nice idea!

Have you managed to get all items on your site? I know the API is limited because there isn’t a query that allows you to pull all items from the whole marketplace (you need to searches and such). Did you just scrape the actual sites or some other wizardry?

Keep up the good work!

You are right, envato api doesn’t allow, but it’s possible.
I have downloaded all items from codecanyon and themeforest. And now I’m keeping site updated with new items.


Sorry for bumping up such a old post but I had created something similar to this -

Would love to know your views on this :slight_smile: