[discussion] what's the best strategy to make 500$+/mounth on themeforest for web designers?

Hi there folks !

I know envato since 2014 or 2013,if I recall well.I was trying to make it into the market since then. i failed a loot.but eventually i did it i uploaded my first item on February of this year(PSD). then i uploaded the HTML version. i was like wow finally i did it.But the reality is that was just the beginning. I made some sales not a big deal. but now i’m so unmotivated, because the revenue wasn’t that much that I expected and I don’t think it will pay my bills and stuff… i know that i need to upload more template and test… but i need to take this to the next level. and ask you guys that have experience more than me in this business,what’s the best strategy you can tell a beginner to hit 500$+/month ?

a little overview about me:

I’m a web designer/front-end developer(i do both …)

i’m good at HTML5,CSS3,Js/jQuery(obviously :smile: ) I work with frameworks / preprocessors and stuff like sass,webpack,bootstrap,some other css frameworks … ) i’m a WordPress developer as well but I don’t think I will be approved in WP category :smiley: i’m trying to keep focussing on the front end…

so guys i hope you understand my situation … :neutral_face: if you can give me a tip on how can i get over this.

thank you by advance.

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Get a proper job and focus on ThemeForest at the weekends, on your free time. There’re lots of items and for the most authors, sales are not good. Or risk your 3-6 months of your life, create one really good item with new design idea and good features. You won’t earn good money just selling HTML templates


First thank you for your answer @ki-themes.

It’s not that easy to get a job here… they require certifications… so i think my only hope now is themeforest :confused:

There is no risk :wink: I have nothing to lose i already lost everything…

The best thing to earn a lot of money is to focus on your quality and not for earnings. Create products which come from your heart without any stress.

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I have some thoughts on this. Bit drunk at the moment though. Watch this space.


What I would recommend is that you have to find a teammate. Doing everything alone will take a lot of time. Focus on front-end, improve design skills and find back-end partner with the same dream as yours :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this will help.

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hahah okey waiting for your hangover to go away :smile:

i had this idea … i even applied it for one of my items. i had a partner (WP developer),but the first problem was TRUST. Second was payement,he said that he can’t use paypal as payement method due to his country…,Buy though it still a good idea. i just need to find th right partner.
Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah that’s what i thought :wink: ,but the problem is heigh quality takes aloot of time.

Write an own basis CMS and UI Kit and use it all the time useful functions should be written once and repeatedly used in the CMS. Improve this features all the time. Write a ready and prepared user system with an admin panel and clone it for each project. That’s how you save time for high quality.

I’m working on my very own CMS and Base called eliteCMS and eliteBASE. Already using it on my newest project eliteCrypto a cryptocurrency CMS. :slight_smile:

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Really helpful thanks alot :+1:

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hey @SpaceStockFootage waiting for your thoughts :wink:

I feel for you.

You have good work but nothing that has not been done already.

Wordpress is were the money is. Don’t try taking on the bestsellers to begin with. Find a good selling subject that has not been done on themforest recently, or that is selling well on another marketplace but not here, and go for it.

Make it look amazing - loads of pages with real text. People like value.

Then promote it on you tube comments, forums etc!

Good Luck

PS. Would you do freelance?

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Hi @goofydadog
Thank you for your comment ! really made me feel good !
i have some knolege with wordpress but i think not enough for that category … but i think i will try anyway :wink:
Yeah i’m available for freelance please get in touch via my envato profile .

Its holiday season here now, but I may have some work in 2018.

Good Luck

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it’s okay i’ll be available anytime …