Dinosaur PSD, it's is ok?




Hi to all:

Please check my design psd if is ok because I need make more pages, thank you so much, regards.

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I like the idea, stick with it, but strip away all the dinosaur images, then what? It’s just a bunch of boxes and some text. The layout is the same as any basic business site, nothing that makes it stand out.

Maybe try making it a dinosaur museum site, be more creative with it, use different dinosaur illustrations that aren’t so extremely different in style like these ones are, have some interesting custom made elements. A museum site should have different and more interesting sections than a standard business site, so naturally, you should be able to make an overall more interesting site.



Yes, I know but I will make more pages as 10 pages but I don’t will submit single page because not good sales.

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Right, but if the 10 pages look like this, then it won’t get accepted.


I will change homepage but new idea sections thank you so much.

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Your previous design you’ve asked feedback for was much much better. This one looks extremely generic and have no premium value.

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Where generic? please help me thank you so much, regards.

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The layout is generic…

hi Jeri , i do not get it … why trying theme forest when it looks like that what u seem the most comfortable with is illustration?


I understand maybe my style is too old… I need make a design new style year 2020 thank you for help me regards.

Your previous designs you’ve shared here recently were good. Stick with those.