Difficulty doing manual update of ARForms addons.

I am not a professional and having difficulty getting my ARForms to appear and function properly on my Wordpress website. This occurred after a recent update of Wordpress. I contacted the author, paid for tech support for both the plugin (ARForms:Wordpress Form Builder Plugin) and the two addons, Signature and PDF Creator. The (unclear) response from the author is “To update plugin manually, download the latest version of the plugin from CodeCanyone and extract the downloaded zip file and overwrite the plugin folder (‘arformsignature’ for the Signature addon and ‘arformspdfcreator’ for PDF Creator Addon) in ‘plugins’ folder.” This is not clear communication that I can understand. When they say download the latest version of the plugin, are they talking about the main plugin (not the addons)? I did that. Then the instruction says to overwrite the plugin folder, but I do not see anything labled “plugin” folder or names associated with the addons. Would some kind techie please help me to get this done? THANKS!!