There is no way to update page builder

Attempting to update page builder for wp.

I downloaded codecanyon-242431-visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress-wordpress-plugin, but cannot install it. There is no way to update page builder, and attempting to add it as a new plugin fails. How do I update page builder? For the future, please make page builder easy to update like every other plugin for WP.


Did you contact plugin developer or read documentation? This is public forum not support for your plugin.

You need just to know how to use WordPress. Delete the plugin and install the new version.

And activate that plugin , you will not get update if you don’t put license on that plugin.

thanks for your help.

BTW, I did try to contact the plugin developer’s help desk before posting here, but could not find it. Code Canyon seems to make everything difficult.

You didn’t buy from codecanyon than from developer. Codecanyon don’t have nothing with that plugin this is just market.

Hi @efttherapycenter

There’s a support tab at the top of each item page. Clicking it will give you an option to contact the author, either through a contact form or their own support site, if the item is supported.