Codecanyon, please, update my item

Actually do not know what I can do.

My buyers see different versions of my item in ‘All files and documentation’ and ‘Installable WordPress files only’ sections. ‘All files and documentation’ gives the most latest one, but ‘Installable WordPress files only’ - extra old release.

Already uploaded 7 new versions, but ‘Installable WordPress files only’ gives only old. Buyers are in panic. Codecanyon support is in silence.

Can’t imaging what I am doing wrong.

“Installable WordPress files only” is optional at CodeCanyon as I believe. Next time, just leave it empty and only upload “All Files”

I would be happy to leave it blank, but there isn’t such field when I upload new release

Only one Main File(s) field.

I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like during upload I as author can not control what will be in ‘All files and documentation’ and what will be in ‘Installable WordPress files only’ sections.

Leave the “Optional WordPress Plugin” party empty

Actually do not know what this field does. Hadn’t ever upload anything with this field.

And thank you for suggestions.

Now I have to redirect all buyers asking about wrong version to codecanyon support till they fix this issue.

Also make sure you’re uploading the correct version. After working hard and long, you may miss and upload the wrong version if you have multiple copies on your computer

Yes, of course, it was checked right after the first complaint from buyer.

Actually codecanyon support agreed there is an issue, but still no fix.

Finally got a response from codecanyon support. - Optional Wordpress plugin is not really “optional”, but it is required for “Installable WordPress files only” download section. New version appears in “Installable WordPress files only” download section only when I uploaded the item in this field.

Now 2 new questions I can not figure out:

  1. why can’t it use original main file when I skip “optional” plugin?

  2. is it only for my item, or for all items on the market?

Unfortunately, can not find information explaining this.