Looking for specific Wordpress Contact form plugin

Hi there,
I am looking for a specific wordpress plugin that can create following forms:

Form 1:

A form where users fill in their name and address and upload their picture.
The filename of the picture should automatically be renamed to their name and address?
If this can be done, is it also possible to download all the pictures at once?

Edit: A second approach could be, that the files are just randomly named. But I have the ability to download all the attachments at once, with an excel overview of each field with at the end the filename used.

Form 2:
A form where a user fills in his Firstname, Lastname, E-mail and selects his group from a list, possibility to upload attachments (zip, jpg, pdf, etc).
In the backend all the attachments should be linked to each group so for example if 10 users select group A and upload each 5 files.
The download for group A should contain 50 files.

Is there a plugin that can handle such a form?

Thanks in advance