Different stock video resolutions needed!

Dear Envato, about 1.5 years ago I posted a thread asking for videos to be downloadable in different sizes.

Major competitors such as StoryBlocks and free sites such as Pexels & Pixabay offer this. Today, there’s still no change here on Envato. It’s massively time consuming and causes all kinds of issues, say for example if you’re editing with a mobile app, when each 5 sec clip is multiple gigabytes! Any ETA on this??

I have same question to ask. Any solution for it???

It’s incredibly frustrating. I need clips to download quickly to make social media content such as YouTube shorts and TikTok videos. But a 1.5GB file for a 5 second clip is insane. And Envato doesn’t have a choice to choose a lower resolution video, while all its competitors does. I think unless they can sort this out, I’ll have to move to a competitor even if it’s more expensive because I’m losing a lot of time with Envato here.