[Feature Request] Ability to filter stock footage by it’s resolution on Envato Elements

Pretty much the title.
Please let us tick a checkbox for resolution filters (:ballot_box_with_check: 720p, :ballot_box_with_check:1080p and so on), instead of a excludionary slider that doesn’t work for its intent.

For some reason Envato Elements doesn’t have the option to filter the video search by specific resolution, it only let us set the minimal resolution. It means that even if I’m only looking for 1080p videos I still have to navigate through an endless sea of 2K and 4K results.

On top of that, the preview cards presented by the search doesn’t tell if the video is 720p, 1080p, 2K or 4K, so every video that I’m remotely interested in I have to open the video page and check the resolution myself, making the research process too obnoxious and kinda frustrating.

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