Did you get your tax information in the mail? (USA)

Just wondering if anyone has gotten anything from Envato yet. Trying to do my taxes and haven’t seen anything in the mail yet :frowning:

I’m not a US taxpayer, so my knowledge might be limited, but I’ve never heard of them sending out tax information, in the mail or otherwise. I know they’ll be sending out tax documents to non-US authors from next year, to document IRS withholding for tax reporting purposes… but that’s about it.

Did you get any tax stuff in the post this time last year?

They are required to by US law. This is the first year they have done this, and it so happens to be my first year of collecting money from sales.

Do you mean this one…

"Starting with the US financial year 2016, we will issue Form 1099-MISC
forms to report your total gross sales (excluding our buyer fees),
affiliate income and Envato Studio gross sales. You’ll get a form at the
end of 2016 which you can use to file your income tax return. "

Yup, that’s it. Maybe I am reading this wrong, it says “Starting with the US financial year 2016” - so does that mean that in 2017 I will get said forms in the mail?

hi yes i think that the sending will start by next year only, according to what could read earlier on …