developer keeping my theme hostage help

Hi I worked with a developer for two days and I had to walk away. He is keeping the theme I purchased to use even tho he is not using it. am going to have to purchase it again - is there away to get a different license - what do I do in this case? thanks.

If you bought it just download it again and register it

If they have registered it then email the author and explain and get them to deactivate that copy and share a new license

Where did you find the dev? Why are they doing that?

thank you for answering kind person! he’s prob doing that for the same reason I had to walk away from him. I just re-downloaded it and this is so green but where so I register it - im the talent/site owner and although I can get myself around the back of WP I wish I knew how to do this on my own lol.

You need to install the new copy then in the admin will be option to register (probably - some themes do it differently)

Did you give the dev the purchase code or just the theme files?

I gave my new person who I trust access to this account so he could download and install but he’s getting the message that the theme is installed on another domain. I can just repurchase but $60 is $60 if I don’t have too. :wink:

No don’t do that - email the author with your purchase code, explain the situation and ask them to deregister the one it is on and then make sure you register it quickly for yours

okay now to find the author contact THANK YOU!

thanks again - I feel like just paying to get it again might have been worth this time lol okay going to give this a shot - its the bridge theme vcard… here I go wish me luck!

I downloaded It again how do I register it? Going to try that. Thanks. OMGosh!