Deletion of all items on Audiojungle

Hello my dear friends and colleagues

Im about to shut down my entire profile on Audiojungle considering the fact im no longer in music for a while and not uploading for more then two years.
Because my exclusivity to Envato i wasn’t able to try out myself on other markets and now when got my last paycheck on 15th April, im ready to go.There is 0 on my ballance for a month so it’s a good time to go on.
I really loved this place, it was my full time job.I was fighting low days, celebrating high ones.Alot of ups and downs and i really congratulate to all those who made a success here and im really proud of being part of such community.I met alot of good people, i learned alot of good things in music and that is all about, becoming rich by experiance not only by money :wink:
I will skip commenting current situation on Envato and generallyAudiojungle, i just wish you all good luck.Was a great time spent here for part of my life.

Sorry for bad english tho.

My profile will remain active but without portfolio so i can still visit u guys and check how u doing :wink:
All best my fellas :wink:


The current situation with the global pandemic will exist anywhere you decide to go, so leaving is not going to help at all.

Try to be patient and give time for normality to return. Just hang in there mate!

But what’s the benefit of removing it versus keep it? If you remove everything you’ll for sure get 0 money from all your work back in the day moving forward. If you keep it you still might get some even if just “beer” money :smiley: