All my music is vanished from profile // leaving and sell my music outside of audiojungle

Hey, I’m a member of Audiojungle for 5 years.
made like 30-50 tracks overall during my first years.
after a while, I stopped producing and didn’t visit the profile until recently.
when I logged in a month ago, I was surprised to notice that all my tracks have somehow vanished, and there are no items on my profile!
I can guess it’s because of a policy update that I didn’t agree with or something. don’t know really.
it looks like I need to upload the tracks and get them to approve all again.

I decided that I want to move on, leave Audiojungle and sell/use the tracks outside of Audiojungle.

my profile was exclusive and I sent a request for non-exlusive a month ago that pending at the moment.

so this is the case, and my question is:
am I allowed to sell the music out of Audiojungle?
even though my status is still ‘Exclusive’ at the moment, the music is no longer on my profile for couple of years I guess.

I didn’t find any relevant information on the FAQ, and I can’t find any ‘contact’ mail or so to talk and ask about it to AudioJungle.

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Your exclusive status only applies to the tracks currently on AJ. Since you have none, there’s no issue.