Cyber Monday Banner Creative


In the email I received last week I read

We will be in touch next week with some banner creative which you may also wish to include on your item page.

Any update on this? I see my item has all ready been reduced to half price, and I would love to add some of those Creative Banners on it.



I just made my own quickly:




Another banner :slight_smile:


Thanks so much @dtbaker!


Cant go wrong if you copy @dtbaker :joy: :joy: Thanks mate! :pray:


can i use it for my products?


Of course, I’d be happy :slight_smile:

23 Kas 2016 20:55 tarihinde “jyostna” yazdı:




Hi folks, can someone tell me how to add this to the item page please? Thanks!


amazing, thanks man!


Copy and paste this in your item description: !!


I’ve bought some item from GraphicRiver for my Layered Popups.


My version )))


Just got an email from envato with banners in it. Can’t open on my phone, zip file.


That’s great, thanks AhmeddAshraf!!

Barnaby Smith


How can i add a theme there 50% off?



I’ve received the banner creative from envato this morning. If there is anyone who hasn’t received it, here it is:

Using it on all of my discounted items, even though only one of them is featured on the Cyber Monday landing page. I’ve also made my own 50% OFF banner, in case anyone wants to see it:


Thank you :slight_smile:
Do you have PSD version?