Adding the Cyber Monday Banner

How do I add the cyber Monday banner to my items that are discounted?

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You need to store the .png banner file at an accessible website, like dropbox, google cloud, etc. Then within the Edit mode on your Item Detail page, paste that link into your Item Description field. If you don’t have a place to store the banner file, then open a free account at dropbox or some other website server - it will come in handy again and again. Good luck. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks Midnight Snap. I used my dropbox account and pasted a link to the logo, but all I see in the item field upon refreshing is the blue link, not a logo.

Sorry for the vague directions @ClassicBeauty - I guess I’m still lazy from Thanksgiving turkey :slight_smile: . Go to your dropbox folder and open the .png banner file, right-click on the banner itself, then click on “Copy Image Address”. Then paste that into your Detail Page. That should work.

To add an image you need the following code
<img src="image address">

If you want to create a clickable image to take you to a specific page:

<a href="page address"><img src="image address"></a>

At least, I hope that’s right! Also, here’s a great tool for formatting your items and profile:

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