[Ask] Is This Promotional Banner Allowed

Hi Guys.

Recently I uploaded new item in CodeCanyon. And I have an idea that I will set a cheaper price until my item sold x times, and put normal price after that. So I decided to put this promotional banner in the description body:


My question is, is this allowed in CodeCanyon (or Envato)? I just don’t want to get banned by violating Envato terms.

Thanks in advance.

I think there is no problem if you added image of discount in description and there is a lot of Authors made that.

It’s not allowed for the new items. You may need to wait at least 30-40 days to change the price. In addition, I’m not sure but you may not offer the discount for the first 20 buyers because there’s no way to check this but you can just advertise it as discounted item.

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What needs to wait 30-40 days? Is it the price change or putting the promotional banner?

So a banner with wording like “Discounted Price” is allowed right?

To change the price as discounted, you need to wait. You can change the price as you wish anytime but if you want to sell the item as discounted ( advertise ) you need to wait at least a month, otherwise, you’d be breaking the ADP rules