Cyber Monday Banner Creative

I decided to add the banner to the item image preview (because my previews are way too long) see here + thumbnail

Two of my items were selected, so I did exactly the same to both. One was approved, the other rejected. (by the same reviewer) first rej: ‘Unfortunately, you cannot advertise the item as an exclusive discounted item. Please remove the Cyber Monday special offer from your preview image’ So I removed the banner from the preview but kept the thumbnail. Rejected again and the reviewer (different person) pointed me to this link

I noticed that some of you have the ‘50% off’ on the thumbnail and / or item preview.

I do unsterstand the rules, but in this case, they are running the 50% off promo. I thought we were not only allowed but encouraged to do this? Should I remove the banner and thumbnail from my ‘Color’ item?