CV Piano by Tascam - FREE !!!

Stumbled upon a nice piano several months ago, unfortunately after Windows updates didn’t work anymore :frowning:

But there is a fix and you can get a very nice piano.

First, let me present the piano:

“Continuous Velocity Piano is the world’s first instrument utilizing GIGA’s Spectral Morphing technology instead of massive multisampling. This instrument utilizes only a single velocity sample, which is precisely and continuously expanded via the Spectral Interpolate Velocity (SIV) mode of GIGA’s Spectral Morphing filters, to cover the full dynamic range, pp to ff.”


<a href-“”>Info and DOWNLOAD on VST4Free

DOWNLOAD from Tascam website

The product is no longer supported by Tascam:

"As of 07/01/09, Operation Support for GigaStudio / GVI products, via telephone or email, will no longer be available."

Now the fix:

When you try to install, the program announce you that needs Service Pack2 to run and abort install (even if you have only SP2 installed), so here’s a fix :FIX explanation page

  1. Download and install the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 (from the Microsoft website)
  2. Start->Programs->Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0->Compatibility Administrator
  3. Click the “Fix” button at the top (if it is greyed out you may need to make a new custom database first and select it.
  4. A create new application fix wizard will appear.
  5. Wizard - Program Information screen: Name of application and name of vendor don’t matter too much, put anything there. For program file location, browse to the GVI setup program on the CD-ROM. Click Next.
  6. Wizard - Compatibility Modes screen: By default “Microsoft Windows 95” will be selected. Change this to “None” and click “Next”
  7. Wizard - Compatibility Fixes screen: Scroll down and check the check-box next to “WinXPSP2VersionLie”. Click the “Test Run” button (DO NOT CLICK NEXT).
  8. Test run window: Ensure the path to the program is correct (should be something like e:\setup.exe). Command line can be blank. Click the OK button.
  9. The GVI installer will now launch and proceed quite happily thinking it is running in XP SP2.
  10. After the install is done You can close the “Create New Application Fix” wizard and the Compatibility Administrator tool without saving changes.

you’re right, it’s very nice indeed & it’s hard to beat that price :smiley:

but something is worth noting though,
although it’s a free instrument, it installs a Synchrosoft copy-protection thing
that can mess up with set ups that use such copy-protection thing for other application,
so it’s best to just delete the Synchrosoft folder before installing …
some people got very angry at Tascam because of that …

also, some tweaking might be needed to get the best out of this piano,
some may want to disable the pedal noises (they’re very loud even when you play very softly)
here’s a video that shows how to do it ,
but the 2nd tip in the video (to save CPU) is not a good, it actually shows how to disable
the piano’s resonance samples (not the reverb like it said), which is not a good idea …
the best way to save CPU is (in stand-alone mode) to go to settings & lower the polyphony …

& I found that it’s worth tweaking the velocity response on the edit page too,
it’s not very intuitive but it can be done quite easily with the trial & error method,
then, when you’re happy with your setting you can save them as patch that you can recall later …

it’s a great piano that made my day when I found it :slight_smile:

… speaking of piano, there’s a 50% winter sale here :
… some really beautiful pianos for just $25 !
the “7CG Jr, Yamaha C7”, the “PMI Old Lady” & “PMI The Emperor”,
the “Black Grand Ambient/Medium Ambience/Close- Steinway D” are quite amazing :smiley:
$25 is a real bargain !

Thanx for your feedback and tips, very useful.

As you might noticed, I’m a big fan of freebies :D… like big fan !!!

Is there a possibility that you can load different samples in the sampler that carry the CV Piano ?

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

but I don’t think there’s any possibility to load anything else than CV piano there …

now, speaking of freebies, do you know ?
he’s one of my favorite developpers out there, very talented & generous :smiley:

… don’t forget to “donate To Krakli Using Paypal to receive RMP2 and S3O” if you like his works :wink:

& offer several goodies till the day of Christmas :wink:
todays they offer free sleigh-bells :slight_smile:
you’ll find a link to other great packs that they offered somewhere in this thread :
(in a response to an outrageous rant by ungrateful KVRer)

Some people wanted to know if this is still available. Apparently the download link is still working, so I guess yes, this is still available.


This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.

In my opinion, EWQL Pianos is still the leading piano sample pack, but nothing beats a real piano :wink:

Well, nothing beats a freebie :smiley:

I get VERY good results combining this Tascam piano with the free gig piano from Soni Musicae (played in Linux Sampler). I believe I posted it already in my free samplers and sample packs list.