Customisation of a Plugin

Hello all, I’ve purchased and installed a wordpress woocommerce, product customisation plugin to enable site visitors to customise their own version of a product on my site. I’ve paid for and attempted to get support from the author to customise the customiser!! to no avail and I’m running out of time. I have next to no coding knowledge. Any advice or is there a product customiser expert out there who can assist? Thank you.

You can probably find a freelancer to hire at

Note that as part of standard support, customisation is not something that is expected of the author

Thank you Charlie4282. Yes Customer Support explained that. I’m new to this whole environment. But the author invites emails and when I emailed, confirmed he/she could probably handle it. They asked for a mock up which I furnished but it’s now 14 days later. I appreciate that celebrations of the season may be the cause of the delay, but sadly I’m behind the curve on this. I’ll take a look at Thanks again


Send me a message here. I go through the issues have and see if I can be of any help.