CTH Themes - Hoxa Template - HELP


I bought the Hoxa Template from CTH Themes and I have a problem after installation. I sent severall message to the author via “Contact Author”, via Envato Hoxa discussion on themeforest and via email and didn’t get any answer. Also, my purchase code doesn’t let me register on their support forum, saying that is invalid.

I’m very desperate, because the template isn’t working correctly and I’m having serious problems with my client, because he hasn’t the site working yet.

Please, please, tell me what can I do more to have the author talking to me. Help!


Please noted your mentioned purchased template is a joomla template and Author is Nunforest. I can see you have posted 1 comments in the joomla template comments page 1 day ago. Please wait for some more times hope Author will reply you as quickly they can. Also hope they will reply your support request soon. your purchased theme Author will assist you.



Thanks for your reply msgcoder. My problem is that I thought the template will work smooth, but as I install it I get imediately severe errors that prevent me from making any changes. Another problem is that today is friday. If they don’t reply today, the site will be down the entire weekend. Another problem is that I can’t register on their forum. The purchase code is invalid and I don’t know why.

I’m a little bit desperate… :frowning:

Greetings and thanks again.

Please post another comments and mentioned this issue there. Hope Author @Nunforest will assist you soon.

I’ll do it, despite I did report all these problems by email. I also sent a copy of my license.

Thanks again.

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