Not reflecting the editing to tz_charity Default

So far it has been very disappointing experience with you guys! None responds to even the simplest of the queries. If ultimately I have to resolve my own queries and rewrite the code which are available as frontend editing then what is the point of the support and forums. Did I really make the mistake buying template from themeforest?? very disappointing!! Should I take it to the twitter about the kind of support?

I am making changes to tz_charity default “Charity Joomla Template” through template editing. and made some quick changes through the options available such as logo, stickyheader, communication address, copyright, contact social media links etc. But none is reflecting even after clearing the cache and saving it repeatedly. To my surprise the changes are saved on the default template but not in the preview. Can someone tell me what is wrong over here? I 'll appreciate your quick reply.


Sorry! to know you are facing issues in your joomla template.

For any technical query about template functionality the best choice will be contact template Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased template Author, template author will be happy to answer your query.


It is very surprising they’ve no alternate method to validate my purchase through you. There ain’t any place they could have asked me the purchase code. Just been shuttling between two different vendors who don’t have integrations of their platform.

The automated method of license activation has failed. Please understand I m unable to get the support on the product. There ain’t any benefit of this purchase…Kindly intervene and resolve.

please go to your purchased template details page then Commnets page and post your query and let them know that you need thier support. They will reply and will assist you. Thanks

They are unabke to resolve my query and too slow… can you guys really get rid of queries by simply saying “Contact Product Author” than why should a customer purchase it from you? I primarily bought this template because of envato / themeforest reputation. This is prving to be quite humiliating.

As when I try to verify my purchase activate my product license from templaza site by logging into your site too… it says “I dont have a valid purchase for the template”.

Who should I contact now, they are unable to verify my purchase with you for enabling support and Themeforest/envato says contact product author.

The situation again remains the same. . shuttling b/w the vendors.

Please understand if you guys cant resolve my queries in next 24 hrs, Kindly refund my money. I don’t want to continue this sick relationship. Hope you understand the apathy I’m going through



In forum we can send you in the right direction so that you can get help but to get any support for your purchased item you have to contact your purchased item Author.

To contact Author you have some way as like:

  1. Go to purchased item Commnets page and post your query to let them know.
  2. Go to purchased item Support page and contact from there.
  3. Go to purchased item Author profile page and in right sidebar you will get a contact form. you can use that form to contact them and let them know your concerned issues.

If your purchased item Author not replying you then you can request a refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form.