CSS error with Avada theme

Website is missing all style elements. Looking at Chrome Dev Tools console I see there are errors for missing CSS and JS files.

404 error for these two…


All was well. Earlier today I logged into Wordpress admin portal to update an email address under Avada > Options > WooCommerce > WooCommerce Account Area Message 2. I simply changed the email address and clicked Save Changes. The save operation must have triggered something to malfunction. Any suggestions to get this back to normal?

Also, when directly viewing the contents of the
directories on the server, there are files there but they have different names than what is referenced in the error. For example it seems to be looking for
but instead
is actual there.

maybe you are using a Website Optimization plugin. you can try to disable all browser caching plugins. then try again

It’s probably cache issue but you can contact the item author for support

There’s a clear cache option in the Avada performance settings, which I did but didn’t seem to have any immediate effect. In any event, when checking it this morning it’s now loading normally. So it seems to have worked itself out. Strange.