Crysonic --a Vst developer. Is it a legitimate company?


If you look at the GUI’s of these plugs, they actually look quite impressive.
However, much of the language of the site seems inconsistent, including pricing inconsistencies.
Is this a good vst developer with bad website creation skills, or are they scammers?
Does anyone have experience with them? I downloaded some demos and their plugs seem to work okay, but I have read horror stories that people buy them and then never get download links and so on. If they are good, then the current sale seems to be a steal. .


Well, I can confirm that they DO release real plugins, some of my far friends use them.
Altough I cannot say anything about their seller’s reputation.


You MUST check the KVR forums to see how messy they are. They do release plugins, some good, some bad, but they treat their customers very bad and sometimes (quite often I see) they don’t send their serial numbers to clients, their plugins are not functioning (as in: demo version works, payed version is buggy like hell and never EVER update to fix it).

I got drunk yesterday and bought the Crysonic Everything Bundle…

Crysonic - who is operating the weird little black boxes?

Crysonic Copy Protection

Crysonics -=- No Contact but finally a release. Be cautious when sending money . Read thread.

If you want some good plugins at a fair price, go to

They have their “Plug & Mix” bundle, really cool stuff there covering most of effects. Totally love their Clarisonix, Loudbass and Stereolizer.


Reading some of the comments on different forums regarding crysonic, everybody seems to be a bit hesitant. Personally I would avoid them, but that’s just my opinion. How can you take a company seriously when they offer a 98% discount on a website with English that would make a grammar teacher cringe. I just get the feeling that these plugins might be beta versions and haven’t been tried and tested on all platforms and DAW’s. Usually they’re the culprits that crash the computer in the middle of a project. But again, it’s a personal opinion and don’t want to bad mouth a product I haven’t tried. My suggestion is, read all the forums regarding the issue then make a decision. Proceed with caution. :slight_smile:


I use their Spectralive NXT (older model) on virtually every song I have recorded in the last 6 years. However, as Mihai stated above, they have a very strained relationship with many customers. If I recall correctly, they promised a native version of their plugins but never delivered in a timely manner. The developer said that he or a family member was ill and that was causing the delay. However, the KVR members raised such a fuss that the developer finally offered a free plugin to every registered customer to try to make amends. I asked for and received the newB bass VST within 24 hours. It works great and I was very pleased.

A lot of KVR people are obsessed with knowing what is behind the pretty GUI’s.
I personally don’t care about all the technical background, all I want is for the product to work for it’s intended use, and for me, they do the job just fine.

I have not bought another VST from them and I do not know if anything has changed for the better or worse. I don’t work for the company nor know the developer, but I have had a positive experience with the company and their products. However, your mileage may vary?