Crediting music from Audiojungle in a documentary?

What kind of end credits do I need to write for music which I buy a broadcast licence for on Audiojungle??? I could not read anything about it in the licence… Do I need to credit it in any way? Or do I just write Music: Audiojungle…

Would love to credit the musician/author of course… but I could not find any info about it…


You should write an internal email to the author from whom you purchased the track. They will privately tell you their real name if it is not listed. Every Author has a “home page” which allows you to email them. Or contact Envato support and ask them to provide you the email address of the composer. You absolutely should credit the composer and the track title used within your documentary film production.

Example, here is my home page…On the right side you will see an area where you can send me an email message

Hello SteelSound,

Thank you for your feedback! It is a good suggestion, but we have used between 20-30 songs! And we have a very short time now before it will be distributed and editing locked… and I do not know if we have time to send so many e-mails and wait for the answers.

I think AudioJungle should have given that information also… What is the minimum requirement for credits, if we do not get the answers in time?

Kindly, Thea

There is none. While it’s always appreciated and the right thing to do by the author, crediting is not mandatory as per Envato’s terms.

Putting the author real name is best, putting their username is better than nothing, putting “music by Audiojungle or Envato” is insulting to the author, putting nothing, while not great, is perfectly allowed.