Audio Jungle first purchase

I’ve just made my first purchase with Audio Jungle for a short film for an NGO. Do I have to credit Audio Jungle or musician in the film credits? Thanks a bunch.

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First, congratulations for your first purchase.
Would be really nice if you do it.


If the author is registered to a P.R.O you can use his data too.

Of course, it’s like a breath of air for an autor!
Also do not forget: Write him a letter where he will be listed as the author (for any author this is nice)!

Great! Congrats!


No, you do not have to credit the author. It’s always appreciated, but in no way mandatory.

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On YouTube, I often see comments where viewers ask for the name of the music or the author, but for some reason the authors of the video do not want to give this information.

For me it is a mystery that the authors of the video do not want to specify the artist of music. If you turn to common sense, the musician whose track is used automatically becomes a co-author.

Yes, the author of the music does not have to claim the income from rental video, but in my opinion his name has the right to exist in the description.

But you don’t have to do that. :yum: