Creating an HTML Theme


I am currently in the midst of developing a simple HTML Theme. I am planning on submitting it to Envato and would like to know two things:

  1. Can I use PHP as part of the theme or am I limited to using straight HTML markup?
  2. Can I use assets such as image with the Envato Watermark when I am ready to post the theme or do I need to buy each asset?




1- Yes you can use PHP files in your HTML templates , For example a PHP contact form .

2- You can’t use any assets from Envato without a proper license , Including images .

Good Luck .

You can use photodune images with/without the watermark BUT can’t include them in the download or redistribute them

Thanks guys! So I need to purchase the assets when before selling the theme?

Technically as long as you have permission from the author you can use photodune images watermarked in your demo (not in the downloadable version)

If you are tlaking about scripts, plugins etc. that is completely different and you must have permission from the author and agreements/licenses etc.

Sounds good!

Additionally, can I use preview pics from Graphic River in my theme? I couldn’t find the image equivalent on PhotoDune.

Here is the link with the pic in question:

I just want the picture, not the whole brochure-flyer deal.

Please advise.

That one 110% sure you must have the permission from the author


I also have a question about the review process when I submit a piece of work. I don’t want to buy the assets I used in my theme in case it doesn’t get approved.

Can I submit the theme with the watermarked assets for review? Or should I buy all of the assets first?