Using Envato stock images while building templates?

I’m in the process of building an HTML template for the Envato Market. If I use the stock images from the Envato Library with the watermarks. Does this bypass the legal paperwork regarding models in the “mock up content”?

I think, you should get permission from the authors to use them with watermarks, too. You can use free images or mockups from the net.

As I remember, you can use it with the watermarks as long as you credit the images as well but you shoudn’t be using it for one specific reason. The preview site won’t look good so it may be not good idea for the buyers. There’re lots of free image stocks as well as you can use, why don’t you give a shot?

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Thanks for the advice. I am off to gather some content. Word has it, is pretty good.

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I use it for my items, too.