About using themes

I contacted Colorlib and they provide some themes free of charge for personal and commercial use, only you cannot remove the credits from the footer. Does CodeCanyon accept the use of these themes in projects that will be sold on it?

Assuming the license allows for it to be distrubted then yes but there’s no guarantee that it will be of the quality required for approval

Would that be something else then? Look

### Your submission contains watermarked images that are not from Envato sites

Your submission appears to include watermarked images or other watermarked assets not from Envato’s marketplaces.

Envato policy does not allow non-Envato watermarked assets. You are welcome to use any watermarked preview of an item for sale on the Envato Market within your submission preview, screenshot or a live demo, as long as the item is credited.

You should not include these assets in your main file. For further information, view this blog post and consider browsing our various marketplaces, such as PhotoDune, for watermarked assets to use in your submission previews.

That’s pretty clear - you can’t use watermarked (and therefore unpurchased) images that are not from envato - for these images you need to have the right (commercial) license