Could you be so kind to take a look at my CV? Really need a new opportunity!

Hi, I am working at the moment as a Freelancer but my dream is to work at a Design Agency, but i dont know if I am presenting myself correctly or if my cv is appealing. I will show the english version the first that I made and portuguese one that as the same information but in a more lighter design.
Can you please see and give me tips? I will appreciate it very much! I am quite lost arround this.

Thank you very much!


The best advice I ever received about CV’s was to tailor my CV to the job I was applying for.

It’s a little bit more work, (usually 20 extra minutes before I sent off a new application) but It paid off- i got a tonne of extra interviews and eventually landed a job at a pretty amazing company :slight_smile:

I see you’ve got three titles, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and SEO Specialist. Depending on which of those titles is most relevant to the job you’re applying for, you should sub them in and out appropriately. Further to that, the design of the CV is beautiful, but that design work is probably only relevant if you’re applying for a job as graphic designer. If you’re applying in web design, an online CV might even be more impressive. If SEO is the field you’re aiming for, most places I know would prefer a straightforward A4 PDF Word Doc.

Also, the English version of the “About Me” section could probably use a once-over glance from someone who speaks it as a first language :slight_smile:

Hopefully that helps, and best of luck!

I agree completely with @matthewcoxy about “tailoring” CVs to specific jobs. Beyond that:

  • There’s a lot of focus on less meaningful buzzword skills and what “you do best” over detail or actual personal info.

This does not really tell someone hiring very much and also suggests that you are trying to cover many bases rather than having a focus to your work or goals.

  • There’s also a lot of WordPress in all of the things you do and a lot of crossover. Marketing & SEO is a lot more complex than just WordPress and this again lacks detail but also could confuse it.

If it were me I would drop a lot of those things and simplify things (adding focus) e.g.

  • Design & Development (WordPress, HTML/CSS, Graphic Design, Illustration)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, Social, Content)
  • Then if you want another you can find a way to include the floral design (although I owuld call htis an “interest” as it’s a little random compared to the others

It depends on the job and agency you are speaking to, personally I prefer cleaner and more simple CVs that are easier to read and which are then supported by case studies and examples of work.. A good 1/3 of your page is taken up by floral designs and your name/logo and while the design is noce it may not appeal to everyone.

Main things to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid fluffy, meaningless buzzwords. everything on the page should have purpose ( that intro is a bit borderline)

  2. Provide evidence, reference cases etc. to support what you are saying and most importantly separate yourself from the hundreds of other applicants

  3. Be realistic and honest. Don’t under sell yourself, but at the same time don’t dig a hole.

Good luck in your search.

p.s. just realized that I just reiterated nearly all @matthewcoxy said - sorry! :wink:

I appreciate it very much Mathew, your advice is great and could put it to use except that I just have to figure out what would be more natural to me, graphic design or web design? Because actually almost everything that I know today I had to learn by myself, so actually sometimes I think that I am great and other days its like I dont know anything. These last days I have been trying to learn and improve myself but all of this sounds overwhelming :s can be a bit frustrating seeing all these magnificent cvs online and then you try to do your best but then you overthink and then its a mess XD.

Charlie, thank you so much for your straight answer, it is all true, when I read what you have said I understand that I am trying to hard to give to others the “impression” that I know how to do all of these things, when I actually know a bit of everything but I am not really an expert in any. I dream of joining a design team, but I am not getting any younger and the bills are knocking at the door XD and I cant really see what is my value, what I could offer to companies. Just dont know what to do next!

Thank you once again :slight_smile:

Me too. Keep going :wink: