Does it worth taking my time to work here?

Hello Envato designers.
I am new here and recently uploaded 2 items on GraphicRiver however they are left hard rejected both,therefore I just wanted to know:Are you satisfied with your earning in this platform?Do you suggest me to take my time again and create more items?
Sorry for this comment if seems aggressive or something
Really appreciated for your answer :blush:

I don’t think things are quite that simple - you probably need to determine your own expectations and goals, along with your own skillsets


My advice is to try again.

But I saw your portfolio on Behance and you need to improve your skills. The standard on GR is higher. Based on what I saw there you have common graphic design issues.

Also I like you exhibition stands and 3D projects. There are many 3D marketplaces and if you want my advice go further with 3D works.


Thank you,That’s right.I know that it’s not pretty simple to accepting my items on this huge and professional platform.But,since graphic designing is one of my passions,I can try it again more and more and get improved in this work.But, in the other hand I want to get some earning as I improve my skills here

Thanks for taking your time to reviewing my portfolio.
Actually 3d modeling is one of my passions,But since I’m also interested in graphic designing(specially colors and forms),I’m trying to do both of them and making by selling my items.
Maybe I need to choose one of them to focus on,But it’s really hard for me

hi actually it all depends on a variety of things indeed but i would personally recommend that u do not focus exclusively on here - put your eggs all in the same basket , according to the good old saying lol - as a whole source of revenue. I guess u are not unaware that covid 19 changed a good deal of things and made things very difficult for basically almost everyone and that sales here and in many places - physical or digital - plunged gamely … so unless your place is a place where standards of living are pretty low, i guess u will not to be able to depend only on your gains here … i can give u my example , i think that this is illustrating things well. Indeed, last time i saw it in the dashboard , i was ranked 404 in GR and 2000th in all marketplaces and the fact of the matter is that despite this is quite honorable i would definitely not earn enough with gains made here … before the covid period started, i was doing quite well , it was starting to really take off and though my gains back then were only of half what i would have needed to get a really decent income out of the whole of my sales here, all the same. Now , by covid time , things are wayyyyy more complicated and gains are for this december of about 40% of what they used to be last year. What i try to explain by this is that , at this stage, u can live out of small amounts , the covid 19 basically means that u can invest time here and make some money but u will almost certainly necessarily need to add some revenues from something else. Now, if the rets of the question is about this place, indeed, u can rest assured this is by far the best platform when it comes to customer base and selling potential

Thanks for your useful and detailed description.That’s right,I Know what you are talking about…

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I would really appreciate If others share their opinions

i identify this, though, unfortunately u will often have the same people answering or taking part in most of the thread