Could We obfuscate desktop app ?

In the desktop application, Could we use obfuscators? We need to use obfuscators for avoiding of cracking.
If we not, So, How we can avoid crackers from cracking? Does codecanyon support the authors? How Codecanyon helps to authors in this field?


Not sure about desktop apps, but PHP scripts are not allowed to use obfuscation, so most likely the same wil apply to desktop apps too.

But it will be disadvantaged, in this way, how we can prevent the crackers from cracking the software? Without using the obfuscators and other methods, cracking the software only takes a moment!

If you’re looking to sell protected, closed-source software, then you should look elsewhere. CodeCanyon is about selling the code behind the software, hence the name. Buyers expect to see the full source code so they can modify the app, and reviewers expect to see the full source code so they can verify the safety of the app.


Then if someone cracks the software and sells that illegal, what will happen? Should we sit and see our products sale decreases? Authors spend a lot of time on app coding.

Again, if this is something that you absolutely cannot tolerate then you should look elsewhere. Even the largest software giants in the world can’t stop piracy, so it’s just a standard and expected cost of doing business in this industry.

There is copyright law (DMCA) to help protect your intellectual property in these types of cases, and since much of the world honors it, you can use that to your advantage.

But most authors here can probably agree it’s not worth our time to fight this type of thing – working hard, updating items, and producing new items will result in much more income than spending valuable time trying to fight the inevitable.


Thanks for your reply, if we see someone who violates our copy-right, could we track this violation through Envato help? Does Envato support the author in this way? What Will Envato do if some authors sue of copyright infringement?

Envato can’t/won’t get involved - copyright belongs to the authors


so if someone violates the copyright, what can the author do?
You know… I want to know the Envato assist to the authors in copyright violation track.

No they won’t - they don’t have the right to capture or disclose that type of data

The author can find more guidance from envato on what to do here and


Sorry I am entering within your comments. Just like to include some addition

Obfuscating code for your app you can use for your fixed client where you have a service platform and a deed between your client that when they wil need support your support team will provide support to make any customization. But in the market where you will sell software and customer would like to buy your app with target that they will make some customization to fulfill their demand.
then your wrapping code they will not be able to use so there is a possibility to get back to you for getting refund. In this way your sale of point will not increase at all.

For your copyright you can check Envato copyright & DMCA articles.

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Thank you all :slight_smile: , Now I get my answer

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