Copyright Claims being Rejected from Elite Alliance & Epic Elite for Crypt of Insomnia

Hello, @Crypt-of-Insomnia I’m Captain RoBear, an Envato Elements Licensee that has received several claims on multiple videos from Epic Elite & Elite Alliance. Recently some of my license clears have been denied even though I have posted my Envato Elements License information properly in Youtube. I’m here to expedite the process in having these claims cleared by white listing my channel

I have emailed both Elite Alliance & Epic Elite, but I wanted to make you aware that they are denying a properly licensed account. Thank you, we love using your music to soundtrack our Dungeons & Dragons Live Plays!

Here is a short list, but not all, of the videos claimed on my channel:


Hi Captain RoBear,
Elite Alliance contacted me recently regarding your problem. The point is that you were reusing already used licenses. This is most common mistake in 99% of cases. You must obtain separate licenses for each video, this is an important Envato Elements licensing rule.
One track - one video - one license

For those videos for which you received a denial to remove claim, you need to obtain new separate license codes and send them to the Elite Alliance manager.

Regarding white lists.
Elite Alliance usually refuses to add channels to the white list. Here’s their answer

“As for whitelisting we decided against it, as whitelisting entails that the Content ID system ceases to recognize music from all our clients. So it would be better if they reach out to us for Disputes/Claims.”

I hope all this information helps you.
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I’ve been with Envato Elements since 2020, Is there a pathway to pursue whitelisting my channel?

Unfortunately clients (authors) of Elite Alliance do not have access to this opportunity. I don’t have technical access to whitelists either.
You should ask them directly, but in my case so far they have refused to whitelisting everyone who asked. I mentioned their rationale above.

If you need any more information, I will be happy to answer.

That’s unfortunate. As a creator you who makes long form 3-4 hour long content this is truly a detriment. If the videos had been claimed on a weekly basis this wouldn’t be such a problem but they have back claimed a large chunk of videos in my catalog all at once. This is going to take some serious time to clean up.

Also I received this message back in an email from them “Regarding whitelisting, we regret to inform you that we are unable to add your channel at this time. This decision is based on the preferences of some of our clients, who wish to retain the ability to monitor and verify the usage of their music.” If you are able to make this decision I will gladly submit my yearly invoice annually to clear my channel.

You slightly misunderstood the context (

If from this phrase you concluded that some music authors decide to use a whitelist on EAM, and some do not, then this is an erroneous conclusion.
It’s understood that if the author of the channel is full whitelisted, then he will potentially stop receiving claims from ALL Elite Alliance clients.
Do you use not only my content on your channel? Right? Therefore, other clients are against whitelists. This is why Elite Alliance abandoned the white list.
These other authors who wish to monitor the usage and proper licensing of their content.