Content id claim not released yet for Fairy Lake by Crypt Of Insomnia - Elite Alliance Music

I have had 8 content Id claims for music tracks used in one of my youtube video . I submitted the licenses for dispute . Within hours 7 tracks got released . While one is still pending .

Track - Fairy Lake
Author - Crypt Of Insomnia
Content Owner - Elite Alliance Music

Please help :pray:


Hi bishweshj,

Please provide a link to the affected video here or in private messages. Then I’ll be able to forward your request directly to the Elite Alliance.

16:05 - 17:10

This is the video . And music used is between the duration - 16:05 - 17:10

Thank you. I’ve sent a message to the manager.
Given that it’s the beginning of the weekend, it may take a little longer than usual to get a response, but I think within the next 24 hours they will remove the claim.

Many thanks :pray: . I love the music

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I still haven’t gotten a response.
If I didn’t get a response yesterday, there is even less chance that my request will be processed today. Looks like we’re gonna have to wait till Monday.

As long as there is at least one open dispute, the video will be hidden from me and then only the Elite Alliance manager will have access to clear the claim. This is why for urgent requests in order to clear claims quickly, I always ask customers to contact me (via AudioJungle page) before submit a dispute (during the 5 day time-frame allowed by the CID system), as I have no direct ability to process disputes once they are opened.

Hi I am a new customer on Envato . And this is my first upload with envato music . I dont know much about how things work with different music labels . But i only did what was instructed on envato guidelines regarding content id . If i missed to read something that i shouldnt have please let me know so that i do not make mistakes .

It’s all right, don’t worry. We’ll just wait until Monday and the claim will be removed. I was hoping an Elite Alliance employee would respond yesterday (sometimes they respond on Saturdays).
Just wait until the weekend is over and the work week starts.


Thanks so much sir :pray:

Hey, I came back to you with confirmation that the claim on the video is now released.
Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks so much :pray::blush:

Hi. The Elite Alliance processes a hundred videos with my music every day. To find out which one you’re talking about, please provide a link to the affected video here or in private messages.

That sounds like a bot, I think you can discard this last post.

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