Constantly reject all tracks?

Friends, let’s share our failures here, help each other and solve problems!

My tracks do not want to take more than six months!

most recent one…, any advice as what you think is wrong here is helpful. Feedback was, mixing/mastering, composition/arrangement not up to standard.

I’m not very familiar with this genre but I’ll try to help…

If I had to point out what may be the reason it got rejected I’d say that you used a lot of notes that are not on the same key, and it makes the track sound very dissonant.
Like I said, I’m not familiar with electronic music and I’m just trying to help you out since my songs also got rejected and Envato didn’t provide a concise reason for it.

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hmm…, actually there are 4 notes all together used in the whole track, key note is A. There are 4 different synths used as source of the sounds, which may be the reason that created dissonant impression of the track. Something to think about for sure. Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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