Hello dear AJ! Quite recently I have received a badge of two years’ participation on your website, but affairs here at me go very badly. During this time (2 years) I sales less than thirty and at it have reasons: the first - exactly a year from this time I just had no Internet access, and the second reason is that at me long ago nothing was accepted from audio. As there was an Internet access, I have begun to watch practically at once the profile and to load new audio, but! At me so any was taken for this period yet. What do I want to tell? At me 27 sales could grow several times if not that fact that my last audio-file was accepted approximately in November, 2014. Since November-December, 2015 I try to load new works here and all reject. Already near the 12th time in a row me was rejected while time for check makes about a month now. I would like to learn, can me just don’t want to check because I wasn’t active within a year? I can in some black leaf? And can really my music isn’t good? For this reason I also have decided to write here, on a forum where I can lay out a little from those tracks that have been rejected for the last 6 months and I will be glad if someone listens and will let me know opinion on these tracks. Thanks of AJ and to all who spend the time for listening of these compositions.