Every time rejected,can someone help?

Im trying to sold something here but i got always rejected,every time i make better sound than before and i got rejected again…I dont know what to do more,i hear some sound that are solded many times and its very similar with my but im rejected because they said its not good quality.
Im thinking about end here…

Hey, can you provide a SoundCloud link so we can listen and try to give you a tip or two? That’d be great! :slight_smile:

okay here,this is one of four who are rejected in once review.

i know this is not like something “wao” but i hear the close close similar track that are solded like more than 100

Alright, here are some impressions from the top of my head.

  • I am not entirely sure of the genre here to be honest, under what category did you submit this?
  • However the composition sounds bland and empty and it feels only like 5 notes going up the scale.
  • It does not have pads, a solid melody, a bass and anything developing to be honest.
  • It does not have any effects to indicate the intro & outro.

My advice: Listen to a lot of music in general, here on AJ or anywhere else and look up tutorials on Youtube, they’re literally available everywhere and you will need to practice and practice a lot.
Just don’t give up.

Can you link the track you are referring to by the way?

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okay thanks im going to try solve that track with that metods.

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