track uploaded but no clue what happened with it.

You obviously reached the wrong platform :rofl:
But i am giving you 5 stars, bro. You won the internet. Lmfao :))


hello everyone, i am a new author on audio jungle trying to get my tracks to be accepted but i seem to have no clue about if the track been accepted or rejected with new feedback.

reviewers should also be trolled a bit i guess. :rofl:

it will be great if you can shed some light and help me with my confusion.
since i dont see any feedback from them or anything about the track on my dashboard.

soundcloud link for the track if anyone got offended- :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I have a dream

Hi! You can check the Spam folder, Promotion tab and Social Media tab in your email, and also Hidden Items tab in your Author Dashboard here on AJ.

hey bro, yes ive already checked all of that and still nothing.also this is not the first track thats disappeared like this. The track i uploaded before this also had the same fate. please let me know what could be the reason . Also if you think its rejected then give the track a listen and help me out what could be the reason on rejection. Thanks in advance. cheers