Concern about Exclusivity Policy

It’s funny that my mobile app was approved to sell on Codecanyon, but when I submit the web version (using the same technology and sharing the same code structure—one being React Native and the other being React.js web), it keeps getting rejected without any reason.

So, if anyone knows the policy, could I ask if I can sell the web version somewhere else? It got rejected anyway, even though the mobile app and web app are in the same product family and share the same name.


There’s no guarantee that the item will be approved in another category/section. For example, you could have HTML Template approved on ThemeForest. You may get rejected for the WordPress version but you may get an approval for Drupal version. All of the categories has different quality standards and at some point, it’s reviewers decision to accept the item or not.

You cannot sell, distribute, or even give away for free your items (or any related items) outside of Envato. This includes on your own website.

Does exclusivity extend to related items?
Yes. If you choose to make an item available on an exclusive basis, then any items you create in the same Product Family must also be sold/distributed exclusively on Envato.

More information here: